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The benefits of therapy

Depending on one’s culture, therapy may be viewed in a negative manner. In the Latino culture and others, therapy may be expressed as someone who is crazy “loco” or unstable. In reality, emotional pain and suffering is real. It hurts the body, mind and soul. Some people may have been taught coping skills in their childhood while others did not.

Emotional pain and suffering can interrupt our ability to function in our daily lives. When emotional pain and suffering is suppressed, ignored, avoided or denied, these feelings may intensify and lead to a mental health disorder. In other words, emotional pain and suffering is a normal reaction to any type of loss. Loss leads to feelings of grief. We may not want to revisit the event or situation that lead to our pain, but avoiding and suppressing these feelings and thoughts harms our bodies much more.

The benefits of therapy is to gain awareness and understanding of the root cause of the problem, situation or event. Gaining awareness of your behavior and reactions may be linked to earlier childhood experiences. An indidivual may develop maladaptive behaviors from adverse childhood experiences. Childhood experiences may be abuse, neglect, instability in the home environment such as substance abuse, a divorce, separation, or moving frequently. Traumatic experiences in childhood may also lead to maladaptive behaviors. In essence, you have been trying to survive for many years. The survival skills you may have learned may not be effective or healthy.

Therapy helps individuals learn effective, healthy coping mechanisms and release emotions that can add stress to your body. Stress hormones are produced to travel to the brain disrupting and destroying the happy and relaxing chemicals we need to prevent depression, anxiety or other mental health disorders from surfacing.

You are worthy and deserving of healing from the emotional pain you carry within you. Make an appointment today.

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