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Kindred Spirit Latino Center for Grief and Loss

KSLCGL provides evidenced-based grief therapy training sessions to different agencies, schools, and organizations. Participants learn and practice with hands on activities to engage and explore grief, loss, and bereavement challenges. The training will increase awareness and knowledge of different types of grief, how to work with different grieving styles, and address traumatic grief in your agency setting.

Email or contact Dr. Nina Enriquez to learn how she can tailor a training to meet the needs of your agency and the clients served.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Different therapeutic modalities addressing grief, loss and bereavement issues.
  • Use of open-ended questions to explore and engage grieving clients, families, and community.
  • Leave with a binder of handouts on expressive art, games, and psycho-educational materials ready to use upon your return to your agency.

Dr. Enriquez has over 16 years of experience working with grieving communities. She has conducted research to develop culturally responsive approaches to engage the Latinx population in mental health therapy.

Dr. Enriquez provides up to date evidenced-based materials and offer coaching practices to help agencies feel confident delivering grief therapy and grief related services in the agency setting.

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